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5 useful apps for yachting

5 useful apps for yachting

Smartphone is an obligatory part of our life. We benefit from navigation, online shopping, weather forecast and other apps every day.

Today we will tell you about Android and iOS utilities which are very helpful if you travel on a yacht.

1. Tides Chart helps you monitor the tide shifts and weather forecasts. This app is invaluable for charters and private cruises.

2. RaceQs records your route and displays it on any device in 3D. This app is especially useful for novice yacht sailors and those who want to record their route.

3. Windy tells when it's best to set sail in a particular region. Many yachtsmen, skydivers and pilots trust Windy's forecasts.

4. MarineTraffic monitors the vessels traffic in specific regions (the ones with app coverage) and locations of private marinas and ports.

5. Navionics is for those who like fishing in the open sea. With this app, you can create your own routes and find the best fishing spots.