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5 myths about yachting

5 myths about yachting

  Beach resorts are a common choice among the tourists around the world especially during high season. On the other hand not everybody can built up the courage and try something new like spending his vacation on an open sea. We are here to change that and prove that yachts are a fitting alternative to resorts. Here are 5 common myths:

1. Can I afford this?

Renting out a yacht has become much more cost-effective in the recent years. An average sailing boat with a crew costs from €1500 a week and you split the cost among a group of 6-10 people. You can sign up alone or with a partner to be placed in another group.

2. You need certificates and training just to step onboard

To sail you need a skipper’s license, which isn’t that hard to get, but that is only required if you intend to handle the yacht on your own. The owner is likely to provide an experienced skipper for you with all the proper documentation.  He will teach you the necessary information before embarking on a journey on the open sea.

3. Sea voyages are dangerous

“The sea is like a cruel mistress. You can love her, you can hate her, but you can never trust her.”   The captain and the crew of the vessel are well-aware about the possible dangers. It’s their job to prevent any harm and they are good at it. Modern boats are very safe and the skipper has an open line to the coastguard so you needn’t worry about anything.

4. The open sea is boring and yachts are uncomfortable

There is no time to feel bored on a yacht, the skipper will teach you and mold your group into a sea-worthy team, you’ll study how to work the sails, how to turn, and how to navigate the charter. Those who are in need of some quiet time can relax and sunbathe on the deck the sceneries are breathtaking and peaceful.  For a foodie there are always limitless variations of fresh seafood. The routes are planned in advanced and are short, so there is plenty of time left to see the local sights.

Exciting sea adventures await. Watch magnificent sea-creatures, feel the gentle touch of the sea, and learn valuable skills. Yachting is attracting more and more people every year because it has a lot to offer.