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115-meter superyacht Tuhara

115-meter superyacht Tuhara115-meter superyacht Tuhara115-meter superyacht Tuhara115-meter superyacht Tuhara115-meter superyacht Tuhara

Oceanco has introduced a new concept of 2018 – a 115-metre superyacht Tuhara. This project was created on the basis of the ideas of Maori researchers and inspired by the Polynesian canoe. 
Tuhara was worked on by many teams. Lobanov Design was responsible for the exterior, Achille Salvagni-for the interior; and the hybrid propulsion system was developed in collaboration with BMT Nigel Gee Naval Architects.
Despite the grand size of the ship, naval architects can adapt the yacht Tuhara for a length of 80 to 120 meters. The form of the boat dates back to ancient canoes, but underneath the exterior of a vintage boat a lot of modern technologies are hidden. The avant-garde style of the yacht will appeal to the demanding buyer-esthete: panoramic windows, luxurious interior halls and cabins, a spacious dining room with fireplace. 


Yacht Design Director at BMT Nigel Gee Naval Architects, James Roy said: 
“There is a synergy between the efficiency of the hull form, and that of the propulsion system”.


With the help of a specially designed system, it will automatically be possible to control the temperature and music on board. Other facilities are a cinema room with a 360-degree cinema, a hammock on the front deck and a Spa pool on the sun terrace.