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7-13 of July 2018

Participant packet:
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About the regatta

The traditional Vedomosti Cup business regatta will take place on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. Representatives of Russian business.


7-13 of July 2018


10 Archambault Grand Surprise 32' yachts


–  more than 80 regatta participants and guests

–  business owners and top management of the companies

–  after age 35


Date Price
Direct flight with 07-10 July from 33 000 ₽ / person Economy class
Tap Portugal Airlines 10-13 July from 77 800 ₽ / person Business class
The prices are given for the moment on the 13th of July 2018


Date Price
Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdare area 07-10 July from 5 000 ₽
Cascais 10-13 July from 7 000 ₽
The prices are given for the moment on the 13th of July 2018
The accommodation is shown for a room during the named dates depending on the hotel's category.
The yacht club of Lisbon is based under the "25th of April" bridge closer to the mouth of the river Tagus. It takes abou 35 minutes walk from the center, we recommend to use a taxi for a transfer. The main logistics will be organized from Avenida da Liberdade.
The yacht club of Cascais is located in the center, it takes less than 10 minuts walk to get there.



Archambault Grand Surprise 32'

A sports cruiser yacht that will get you excited about the regatta and give you the feeling of driving a “sports car”.


Waters of the Atlantic coast of Portugal

(Lisbon- Cascais):

–  4 racing days;

– business breakfast by the Harvard Business Review;

– tours and wine tasting;

– parties and dinners by National Geographic and Men's Health.

July 8

Registration of the regatta participants;

Tour of the historic center of Lisbon;

Ceremony to mark the start of the regatta, gala dinner;

July 9

Seminar on rules and tactics of the sailing regatta;

Team briefing and water training;

Distance sailing regatta in the waters of the Atlantic coast of Lisbon;

Cocktail party in the yacht club, rewarding of winners of the first day;

July 10

Distance sailing regatta in the waters of the Atlantic coast of Lisbon;

FADO PARTY, dinner by National Geographic Lisbon-Cascais

July 11

Rest day, tour to the Atlantic coast, Cabo da Roca, Sintra, Cascais, move to Cascais;

July 12

Business-breakfast by Harvard Business Review;

Distance sailing regattas;

CRABS&CLAMS PARTY by Men’s Health;

July 13

Fleet medal regattas;

Award ceremony;

* The excursion programme stated in the presentation can be corrected depending on weather conditions.


Participant package*: 2500 EUR Using promotion code GetBoat


Provision of the yacht Archambault Grand Surprise 32'

Provision of a qualified Russian-speaking steersman, instructor;

Seminar on rules of the sailing regatta, safety-briefing, water training;

Organization of the sailing regattas in accordance with the regatta programme;

Participation in the regatta events including excursions, parties and dinners in accordance with the programme**.

*The Participant Pocket does not include flight, accommodation and visa fees.

**Managers are entitled to change the programme due to weather and wind conditions.



Lisbon is one of the most ancient cities in the world and the most ancient city in Western Europe, that is centuries older than such famous capitals as London and Paris. Saint George Castle is situated on the hilltop in Lisbon. From the high walls of the castle one can have a view of the whole city.

The Tower of St Vincent is considered to be one of the main symbols of Lisbon and the national pride of the whole country. This famous building is one of the so-called Seven Wonders of Portugal. Around 30 years ago the tower became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The symbol was built at the beginning of the 16th century to honor the discovery by Vasco da Gama the sea route to the Indian subcontinent. The bottom floor of the tower has a wonderful terrace and the top point has a great view of the surrounding area.

The Commerce Square (also known as Palace Yard) is one of the largest and most beautiful square in Europe. It is situated in the historic center of Lisbon near the Tagus river and is considered to be the “gate” to the Baixa District.

*The excursion programme stated in the presentation can be corrected depending on weather conditions.

The Castle of St. George

Torre de Belém Tower

Commerce Area


Sintra and Cabo da Roca

Sintra, a small town that has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, is situated 27 km far from Lisbon. The town was admired by kings and princes, visited by Hans Christian Andersen. Here Lord Byron wrote his several works. The bright colors of Sintra, bizarre interior details and unique fauna of these area you’ll never forget.

The Palace of Sintra was erected in the 14th century under John I, the ruler of the country. The walls of the building were decorated with unique Seville porcelain tiles of the 15-16th centuries. The complex became a national architectural monument at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Pena Palace is a unique monument preserved since the Middle Ages. Nowadays it is under UNESCO protection. The Palace is a former royal residence. Created in the eclectic style, the palace has harmonically combined neo-Gothic and Moorish styles with the elements of Neo-Renaissance.

Cabo da Roca is a perfect place to enjoy the marvelous sunset, as the sun is going down on the Atlantic Ocean giving wonderful colors and shades to the water. Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camões expressed his feelings about the place with mastery by the words “where the land ends and the sea begins”.

*The excursion programme stated in the presentation can be corrected depending on weather conditions.

Pena Palace

Cabo da Roca

Palace of Sintra