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7 Tips For Bareboat cruising

 7 Tips For Bareboat cruising

  After completing your sailing education and receiving the necessary licenses comes the time to test your skills. For inexperienced sailors any charter could sometimes present unexpected difficulties, even leaving a marina. The Bareboat charters are a good way prove that you can stand on your own feet.

Check the nautical charts of the area in advance. Make sure that your itinerary destinations are realistic. Some helpful navigational apps here.

If the winds are weak, there is only 3 hours to sunset, and you need to make 9 miles with a current speed of three knots, drop the sails and use the motor. The winds will only weaken.

Plan B
Any plan needs a backup plan, the sea could be very unpredictable. Check your radio and your phone in advance. You can never be too careful having a paper map.

Happy passengers — happy trip
See that voyage isn’t long so your passengers won’t get bored. Swimming and snorkeling can break a routine, so even when you are far away from shore everyone can take a break. Here are some ideas for yacht activities.

Smart provisioning
Don’t haul monthly provisions for a week-long trip. You can always restock at the itinerary destinations and even have dinner at local restaurants.


Your credit and debit cards might not work in some cruising areas. Be sure to have enough cash for emergencies. Plan ahead, so draw a map of usable ATMs in the cruise area.


This will definitely set you back financially but choosing the right insurance can save your wallet in the long run. Full package includes  Damage insurance,Third party liability insurance, Trip Cancellation insurance. 

If you haven’t made your mind whether you are ready for a bareboat experience check our article to learn more about chartering a boat.