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5 Cheapest Ways to Rent a Boat in Europe in 2021

5 Cheapest Ways to Rent a Boat in Europe in 2021

Yacht charter is often perceived as a luxury activity inaccessible to most, it can be much more affordable as you think. While megayachts equipped with a helipad and manned by a full crew can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per week, there are plenty of options for a more budget-friendly vacation at sea. Let’s take a look at some ways you can cut some costs and have a great week sailing for the price of a stay at a mid-range hotel.


1. Choosing the Right Vessel

The bulk of your costs will depend on the type of vessel you choose for your voyage. While it is obvious that a small paddle boat will cost you a fraction of the price of a yacht, there is more to it than just size. Let’s walk through some of the most popular types of boats and yachts you can rent.


A motorboat is an umbrella term that includes a lot of different kinds of smaller motor-powered vehicles. Essentially, every vessel with a motor and under 50 ft. is considered a motorboat whether it is just a small boat with an outboard detachable motor or a mid-size cabin cruiser with a bed and kitchen appliances. Despite the smaller size, you can find motorboats that offer a fun and relaxing experience with all the basic comforts. Of course, when you go down in size, you go down in price as well. Basic motorboats are among the most affordable vessels you can rent with prices lower than $600 per week in some cases. Considering the capacity of motorboats still allows several people to enjoy the voyage, it is a great bargain.


Motor yachts is a name given to sea-worthy vessels with cabins, over 50, and under 80 ft. in size. They are costlier than motorboats but offer much in return. Motor yachts often feature several cabins for six-eight passengers in total, several decks, and different living areas equipped with kitchen appliances and furniture. Such yachts will always have an onboard motor and due to the size will require you to hire a small crew. Offering quite more in terms of comforts, the bigger motor yachts will cost you more than their smaller counterparts. You will likely spend over $2000 per week for a vessel like this.


Catamarans came a long way from their historical form of two logs held together by a plank. Modern catamarans are a fun and uniquely designed variation on a motor-cruising boat with a twin-hull equipped with comfortable cabins and joined by the deck. Such configuration opens a lot of new ways for recreational activities such as diving, swimming, and fishing. Offering almost as many comforts and options as a full-sized motor yacht, catamarans have a smaller price tag. Expect a one-week cruise to cost you anywhere from $1200.

Sailing Yachts

Sailing yachts are a popular option for those, who want the experience of catching the wind. Such vessels, as the name suggests, use sails as the primary means of propulsion and require quite a bit of skill to handle. That’s why their low rental price is usually offset by the need to hire a skilled crew. However, if you do have the necessary knowledge of sailing, a smaller sailing yacht can be had for as little as $350 per week.


First appearing in Turkey, these two-mast wooden vessels are now popular across the Mediterranean. Despite having sails and an old-school outlook to them, gulets use motors which can disappoint some but provide a steady voyage without needing to rely on the wind. Gulets are relatively expensive with prices starting out at $5000 per week, but the extensive use of wood in the interiors and cabins made to suit the most demanding travelers make these vessels the second most luxurious type of seacraft in the world.

Mega Yachts

As we’re talking about options that are cheap, Megayachts should be mentioned all but briefly since these offer the best and the most luxurious experience possible at sea but have such a steep price tag not everyone can afford it. Be prepared to pay up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a week of luxurious relaxation at sea in one of these.

2. Getting a Skipper’s License

This way is a bit more complicated than just picking the right yacht but can result in a substantial cut in cost for all the subsequent yacht charters and can also increase the pleasure of handling a vessel immensely.

Getting a skipper’s license is definitely not a quick or a free process. It will require several weeks or even a couple of months to get the certification, and it will also cost you up to $2000. On the upside, the joy of controlling your yacht and knowing you can handle even some of the unexpected situations at sea make it more than worthwhile. A license is a must-have thing for any true lover of nautical vacations. There are several associations you can get a license with and it doesn't matter which one you choose as long as it'll also give you an ICC certification.


3. Chartering a Yacht with Friends

One thing to remember when renting a boat or chartering a yacht is that you only pay one sum for the vessel, and the capacity is typically enough to host a whole company of people. Splitting the sum between five or six people can make the cost of a yacht charter per person very attractive. Besides the economical benefits, sharing a water adventure with your friends is always more fun. Just choose a vessel that would be equipped to house everyone in your party.


4. Consider the Appropriate Destination

An important thing to consider when planning a nautical vacation is your destination. If you don’t have a set country in mind and your only goal is to get the yacht charter experience, choose your destination in accordance with your vessel requirements. The same type of yachts and motorboats cost differently depending on the country, and there’s a good chance you can have the same level of comfort for less. For example, the price for a catamaran can be up to 50% less in Greece in comparison to Turkey despite the two countries being neighbors.


5. Using GetBoat to Get the Best Offers

Without a good knowledge of the yacht charter industry, it can be difficult to negotiate a good deal on a yacht, with some vendors refusing any kind of bargaining with the client in the first place. That’s where GetBoat and managers come to help. We will bargain with the boat rental companies in your place and will push for the best possible offer that suits your requirements. Simply put in all the needed details of the desired vessel and we’ll do the rest for you. With GetBoat you can be sure you’re getting the best deal whatever the budget or the location is.